The Great Barrier Reef off the Northeastern coast of Queensland Australia is one of the few wonders of the natural world. This mammoth natural wonder spans two thousand three hundred kilometers and is so large that it is clearly visible even from space. The reef is home to hundreds of different forms of coral and even more different species of fish and other creatures that make their home on the reef.Sadly this natural wonder is constantly under threat from rising ocean temperatures and sea pollution. Yet for the moment it still fights to live on and allows us to be still able to marvel at its beauty.

A visit to the reef is a must for any Australian or anyone visiting e country as there is no other reef quite like it, anywhere else in the world. The reef offered unique opportunities for visitors to go snorkeling, diving or even Sydney fishing. To do this is to be able to witness natures true and pure awesome beauty in all its wonder.

There are many local boat crews and boating companies that will gladly take you out for an excursion to the reef. Going with these local guides is the safest and best way to enjoy the reef. These guides will take you to all the best places to properly enjoy the marine life while keeping you safe. Going alone is a good way to end up shipwrecked on the reef or even end up damaging this pristine natural marvel. With the guides, even if you can’t swim well or at all, you can enjoy the beauty of the reef. These guides will be able to teach you the quick crash course on diving or snorkeling so that you don’t get left behind.

These guides can also take you out on an excursion to go reef fishing charters on the Great Barrier reef. The reef is a treasure trove for any fisherman or fish collector. Taking care not to harm the pristine echo system of the reef you can still catch edible fish or certain fish for collection. However make sure you don’t end up violating any laws in Australia protecting the reef, the Ausi can take strong offence against this.

This echo system is however extremely fragile. Because of the harm to the harm to the environment by human industry, the Australian Great Barrier reef is under immense threat. This is a situation seen globally and government officials and environment protective groups are constantly fighting to protect reefs and try to restore them back where damaged. Large white sections of reef is not due to the type of reef but because those parts of the reef are dead. This is why we must all fight to save the planet, so that wonders like the reef don’t become lost to the world and future generations.

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