From what you remember most in your life, the day you got married maybe standing in the forefront. It is said that it is the best day of a woman’s life. This maybe because a bride gets to dress up and look her best on that day. That doesn’t mean the groom has to look bad, too. Besides getting ready, there are a thousand things to plan when it comes to planning a marriage ceremony.

Follow the basics

You need to clarify the basics first; are you going for an outdoor or an indoor service? If you are inviting a lot of guests or just getting the near and dear. Based on this whether you need to go for a big reception hall or check out small wedding venues Geelong, whether you own a gown that comes from your ancestral lineage and a must-wear or can you go shopping for one and so on. Since there is just too much to consider, keep a document in your laptop, phone or a notepad in your hand bag. That way, when you think of a low-cost option or remember a special addition you always wanted you can write it down. However, what the document must contain is the basic plan, who takes care of what and deadlines for each. 

Setting the deadlines

This is important as you can get behind due to the vast array of things that must be done before a certain date. People almost forget that invitations has to go out a considerable amount of time before the actual date of the marriage ceremony.Traditionally, invitations are required to go out before six to eight weeks to the wedding. So, if the wedding is on the 1st of June, you must realize that the invitations must have reached the guests at least by 15th of April. However, with the digital infrastructure you can now send an ecard first if the hard copy is getting delayed. But do not forget to give the guests sufficient time to clear their calendars and if need be, decideon travelling if they have to come a long way. If it is a destination wedding you are planning invitations must reach them way before, ideal is before three months. Therefore, it is clear to see you need a considerable time beforehand to get everything planned; for that setting deadlines is very important.

Give information

If most of your guests are from out-of-town or if you are having a destination wedding, arranging for good wedding night accommodation for the guests is important. Most will be under the influence of alcohol and/ or tired due to the day’s activities. Hence driving long distances is not advised. In any case, for a destination wedding, there might not be flights going out on the day itself or you may have activities panned for another day or two also. A wedding is a lot of work; but if you plan it right it will be one of the most unforgettable days of your as well as your guests’ lives.

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